How Schools Can Join


 kidEarth Youtube Group



Here’s how:


1.            Important:

                                              i.     You must be 13 or olderto put a video on Youtube.  Ifchildren under the age of 18 are in the video, schools must obtain any requiredparent consents before posting.

                                            ii.     You need a Youtube orGoogle Account to post.

                                           iii.     Anything you post to thekidEarth Youtube group may be used on the www.kidearth.uswebsite with identifying information and without advance notice or permission.

2.            Go to

3.            Press “upload” videobutton at top right.

4.            Log in with yourYoutube of Google Account information.

5.            Press “upload video”button.

6.            Locate your video onyour computer in the window that appears. Click on it once and push “upload” button.

7.            On that same page, fillin the following (important - do not list any addresses (email or otherwise), phonenumbers or individuals’ names):

                                              i.     Title: “100 Generations” chorus – [Your SchoolName, City, State and Country]

                                            ii.     Description: Fill in whatever you’d like but mention

                                           iii.     Tags: kidearth, global warming, climate change,environment, 100 Generations

                                           iv.     Category: click on “nonprofits and activism”

8.            Click on “Share withthe World.”

9.            Click on “Save Changes.”

10.         In the next window,click “Embed + Sharing Options” link on the right.

11.         Go back to

12.         Click on “Add Videos”

13.         Click on box next tothe video you want to upload and then click on “Add to Group” at bottom.

14.         Click on “Done.”

15.          Email to let usknow that you’ve downloaded a video and give us the name and email address ofsomeone to contact.  Include yourlyrics in your language and, if possible, an English translation too (fortranslations use